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Texas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Forgy, Henrietta  1851Texas, United States I1589 Main Tree 
2 Forgy, Lydia A.  1854Texas, United States I1590 Main Tree 
3 Forgy, Mary  1855Texas, United States I1591 Main Tree 
4 Forgy, William E.  1855Texas, United States I1592 Main Tree 
5 Gonzales   I4062 Main Tree 
6 Gregory, Eldana  1858Texas, United States I3358 Main Tree 
7 Gregory, Fayette  1858Texas, United States I3353 Main Tree 
8 Gregory, Jefferson Davis  1862Texas, United States I3354 Main Tree 
9 Gregory, John  1857Texas, United States I3357 Main Tree 
10 Hall, Milly M.  1849Texas, United States I2992 Main Tree 
11 Kellar, James Alexander  1850Texas, United States I2996 Main Tree 
12 Kellar, Joseph K.  1855Texas, United States I2998 Main Tree 
13 Kellar, Mary V.  1853Texas, United States I2999 Main Tree 
14 Kellar, Mr.  1859Texas, United States I2995 Main Tree 
15 Kellar, Samuel A.  1857Texas, United States I3000 Main Tree 
16 Kellar, Sarah A.  1846/1848Texas, United States I2993 Main Tree 
17 Keller, John Roderick  1851Texas, United States I2997 Main Tree 
18 Lewis, Sally C.  Abt 1848Texas, United States I3002 Main Tree 
19 Marks, George  1879Texas, United States I991 Main Tree 
20 Marks, Mrs. Julia  1860Texas, United States I990 Main Tree 
21 Miller, Benjamin F.  1849Texas, United States I3044 Main Tree 
22 Miller, Fredonia  1849Texas, United States I3043 Main Tree 
23 Parks, Charles C.  1854Texas, United States I2958 Main Tree 
24 Rawlins, Adda Blanche  25 May 1859Texas, United States I3211 Main Tree 
25 Rawlins, Allan  Abt 1825Texas, United States I3021 Main Tree 
26 Rawlins, Benjamin Spruance  13 Dec 1849Texas, United States I9065 Main Tree 
27 Rawlins, Bette Alexander  3 Nov 1861Texas, United States I3222 Main Tree 
28 Rawlins, Blanche  Abt 1862Texas, United States I2984 Main Tree 
29 Rawlins, Clement E.  1855Texas, United States I3033 Main Tree 
30 Rawlins, Emily A.  1851Texas, United States I2980 Main Tree 
31 Rawlins, Frank E.  1849Texas, United States I3022 Main Tree 
32 Rawlins, George C.  1856Texas, United States I2983 Main Tree 
33 Rawlins, Henry Clay  3 Mar 1860Texas, United States I2982 Main Tree 
34 Rawlins, Henry O.  1859Texas, United States I3034 Main Tree 
35 Rawlins, J. B.?  1857Texas, United States I3036 Main Tree 
36 Rawlins, James A.  1850Texas, United States I3035 Main Tree 
37 Rawlins, James A.  1854Texas, United States I2979 Main Tree 
38 Rawlins, Mary J.  1848Texas, United States I3037 Main Tree 
39 Rawlins, Thomas E.  Abt 1858Texas, United States I2988 Main Tree 
40 Rawlins, William M.  5 Nov 1852Texas, United States I3032 Main Tree 
41 Swindell, Maggie  Abt 1845Texas, United States I3008 Main Tree 
42 Vanek, Jonathan Blaine   I4061 Main Tree 
43 Wampler, C.  Abt 1854Texas, United States I1314 Main Tree 
44 Wampler, Catherine  1861Texas, United States I3067 Main Tree 
45 Wampler, Emma  Abt 1876Texas, United States I1309 Main Tree 
46 Wampler, Louisa  1869Texas, United States I3068 Main Tree 
47 Wampler, Malinda  1865Texas, United States I1317 Main Tree 
48 Wampler, Margaret  Abt 1870Texas, United States I1307 Main Tree 
49 Wampler, Mary Etta  1859Texas, United States I3069 Main Tree 
50 Wampler, Matilda J.  1856Texas, United States I3070 Main Tree 

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Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fleming, William F.  Aft Texas, United States I2655 Main Tree 
2 Gregory, Andrew  Texas, United States I3207 Main Tree 
3 Gregory, Caleb  Texas, United States I3208 Main Tree 
4 Gregory, Joel W.  Texas, United States I3297 Main Tree 
5 Griffin, William Laton  Aft Texas, United States I3645 Main Tree 
6 Hull, Nancy  Texas, United States I3284 Main Tree 
7 Parks, Alfred J.  Bef 1853Texas, United States I2659 Main Tree 
8 Rawlins, Lucinda Ann  1889Texas, United States I7779 Main Tree 
9 Rawlins, Roderick  1848Texas, United States I4998 Main Tree 
10 Rollins, John Franklin  1 Jul 1928Texas, United States I2620 Main Tree 
11 Rollins, Louisa "Lucinda" "Louiser"  Texas, United States I2628 Main Tree 
12 Trotter, Nancy Elizabeth  Texas, United States I3252 Main Tree