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Kentucky, United States



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Susan E.  1829Kentucky, United States I13667 Main Tree 
2 Allen, James Valentine  2 Mar 1843Kentucky, United States I8519 Main Tree 
3 Bledsoe, A.  1801Kentucky, United States I1615 Main Tree 
4 Bledsoe, Mrs. Margaret R.  1807Kentucky, United States I1617 Main Tree 
5 Bledsoe, Virginia  1 Aug 1827Kentucky, United States I2587 Main Tree 
6 Braddy, Kittiy Ann  1828Kentucky, United States I3250 Main Tree 
7 Cochran, Mary  1830Kentucky, United States I3281 Main Tree 
8 Compton, Roderick  1800Kentucky, United States I6328 Main Tree 
9 Crewdson, Elizabeth F.  1831Kentucky, United States I2568 Main Tree 
10 Forgy, James M.  1820Kentucky, United States I2058 Main Tree 
11 Gregory, Absalom  1815Kentucky, United States I3351 Main Tree 
12 Gregory, Britton Cline  10 Aug 1846Kentucky, United States I3183 Main Tree 
13 Hart, Aaron  1810Kentucky, United States I3102 Main Tree 
14 Hawes, Presley M.  1811Kentucky, United States I2069 Main Tree 
15 Johnson, Drucilla  3 Feb 1827Kentucky, United States I2094 Main Tree 
16 Kellar, Samuel  1820Kentucky, United States I2207 Main Tree 
17 Manley, Cyrena  1809Kentucky, United States I3056 Main Tree 
18 Manley, Jacob  1826Kentucky, United States I13388 Main Tree 
19 Manley, Malinda Ann  7 Apr 1823Kentucky, United States I3060 Main Tree 
20 Manley, Rachel  1825Kentucky, United States I3061 Main Tree 
21 Manley, William Henry  1816Kentucky, United States I13344 Main Tree 
22 Martin, Euphemia "Euphamy"  7 Apr 1796Kentucky, United States I2593 Main Tree 
23 Mifflin, Pleasant  1810Kentucky, United States I3294 Main Tree 
24 Morrison, C. A.  Abt 1890Kentucky, United States I1534 Main Tree 
25 Peters, Mary Rebecca  26 Nov 1824Kentucky, United States I8633 Main Tree 
26 Phillips, Israel  8 Mar 1810Kentucky, United States I6313 Main Tree 
27 Phillips, Nancy  1804/1810Kentucky, United States I2090 Main Tree 
28 Rawlins, Angelina  1 May 1806Kentucky, United States I7681 Main Tree 
29 Rawlins, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1811Kentucky, United States I7702 Main Tree 
30 Rawlins, James Staton  6 Mar 1802Kentucky, United States I2361 Main Tree 
31 Rawlins, Mrs. Sarah A.  Abt 1821Kentucky, United States I3041 Main Tree 
32 Rawlins, Nancy  Abt 1804Kentucky, United States I6322 Main Tree 
33 Rawlins, Rebecca  27 May 1810Kentucky, United States I6324 Main Tree 
34 Rawlins, William Martin (Elder)/ (Elder)  5 Jul 1796Kentucky, United States I6320 Main Tree 
35 Ray, Nancy  1809Kentucky, United States I1606 Main Tree 
36 Richardson, Joseph Jr.  1800/1810Kentucky, United States I1485 Main Tree 
37 Spears, Andrew  Abt 1805Kentucky, United States I13378 Main Tree 
38 Thweatt, Caroline A.  1860Kentucky, United States I3179 Main Tree 
39 Williams, Andrew  Abt 1798Kentucky, United States I3224 Main Tree 
40 Wood, Elizabeth  1816Kentucky, United States I3293 Main Tree 
41 Wood, Samuel Azariah  1818Kentucky, United States I3280 Main Tree 
42 Wright  1800/1805Kentucky, United States I1528 Main Tree 
43 Wright  Abt 1799/1805Kentucky, United States I1531 Main Tree 
44 Wright  Abt 1810Kentucky, United States I1526 Main Tree 
45 Wright  Abt 1805/1815Kentucky, United States I1529 Main Tree 
46 Wright  Abt 1805/1815Kentucky, United States I1530 Main Tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Forgy, Reverend Samuel Perry  Aft Kentucky, United States I1978 Main Tree 
2 Vancleave, Sarah Sally  Bef 2 Sep 1786Kentucky, United States I3622 Main Tree 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bledsoe / Bledsoe  Abt 1825Kentucky, United States F761 Main Tree 
2 Forgy / Crewdson  24 Jan 1850Kentucky, United States F941 Main Tree 
3 Forgy / Reid  Abt 1848Kentucky, United States F972 Main Tree 
4 Gregory / Gregory  Bef 1813Kentucky, United States F1544 Main Tree 
5 Hawes / Forgy  22 Apr 1844Kentucky, United States F964 Main Tree 
6 Neil / Clinton  Est 1833Kentucky, United States F942 Main Tree 
7 Williams / WOOD  Est 1831Kentucky, United States F1525 Main Tree