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Illinois, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bentley, Ada  1883Illinois, United States I1017 Main Tree 
2 Boren, Susana  24 Nov 1839Illinois, United States I11437 Main Tree 
3 Breden, Rebecca  1833Illinois, United States I1625 Main Tree 
4 Cochran, Eliza  19 Jan 1835Illinois, United States I3210 Main Tree 
5 Compton, John  1841Illinois, United States I1402 Main Tree 
6 Compton, Joseph  1839Illinois, United States I6674 Main Tree 
7 Compton, William  1844Illinois, United States I6675 Main Tree 
8 Estes, Gemina  1825Illinois, United States I3205 Main Tree 
9 Gregory, Amanda Samantha J.  1851Illinois, United States I3249 Main Tree 
10 Gregory, Elizabeth  1837Illinois, United States I3238 Main Tree 
11 Gregory, Mary Ann Polly  2 Apr 1836Illinois, United States I3196 Main Tree 
12 Gregory, Mary E. Polly  1832Illinois, United States I3173 Main Tree 
13 Gregory, Mrs. Mary A.  1843Illinois, United States I3232 Main Tree 
14 Gregory, Nancy  1833Illinois, United States I3237 Main Tree 
15 Hall, Roderick H.  1840Illinois, United States I2990 Main Tree 
16 Hart, Richard  Abt 1820Illinois, United States I3104 Main Tree 
17 Jones, Elizabeth  1838Illinois, United States I3112 Main Tree 
18 Jones, Judah?  1837Illinois, United States I3111 Main Tree 
19 Jones, Lafayette  1835Illinois, United States I3110 Main Tree 
20 Kellar, William B.  1843Illinois, United States I2994 Main Tree 
21 Marks, Eleanor  7 Nov 1913Illinois, United States I1018 Main Tree 
22 McNARY, Caroline  1 May 1839Illinois, United States I2912 Main Tree 
23 McNARY, Rachel Emeline  9 Feb 1821Illinois, United States I2897 Main Tree 
24 McNARY, Rosanna  4 Jan 1827Illinois, United States I2905 Main Tree 
25 McNARY, Tabitha Anna  7 Mar 1823Illinois, United States I2901 Main Tree 
26 Phillips, Amanda  1837Illinois, United States I3125 Main Tree 
27 Phillips, Malvina  1834Illinois, United States I6710 Main Tree 
28 Rawlins  1813Illinois, United States I13656 Main Tree 
29 Rawlins, Ace  1815Illinois, United States I13624 Main Tree 
30 Rawlins, Eliza Ann  1823Illinois, United States I13750 Main Tree 
31 Rawlins, Elizabeth  1844Illinois, United States I2666 Main Tree 
32 Rawlins, F. E.  1841Illinois, United States I6669 Main Tree 
33 Rawlins, Isabella "Elizabeth"  10 Jan 1830Illinois, United States I2647 Main Tree 
34 Rawlins, James T  1818Illinois, United States I13703 Main Tree 
35 Rawlins, Joseph  1832Illinois, United States I2664 Main Tree 
36 Rawlins, Julia  1847/1848Illinois, United States I9600 Main Tree 
37 Rawlins, Leonora  Abt 1871Illinois, United States I6493 Main Tree 
38 Rawlins, Lydia Adeline  29 Sep 1826Illinois, United States I2656 Main Tree 
39 Rawlins, Matilda  1825Illinois, United States I13685 Main Tree 
40 Rawlins, Nelson  1838Illinois, United States I2288 Main Tree 
41 Rawlins, Palmer  1839Illinois, United States I2665 Main Tree 
42 Rawlins, Samuel  Abt 1815Illinois, United States I6323 Main Tree 
43 Sands, Mary  1825Illinois, United States I3300 Main Tree 
44 Taylor, John A.  1839Illinois, United States I1610 Main Tree 
45 Taylor, Joseph F.  1843Illinois, United States I1611 Main Tree 
46 Trotter, Nancy Elizabeth  1839Illinois, United States I3252 Main Tree 
47 Wallace, Leroy  1848Illinois, United States I2902 Main Tree 
48 Wallace, William  1845Illinois, United States I2871 Main Tree 
49 Wampler, Albert  1846Illinois, United States I2371 Main Tree 
50 Wampler, Miss  Bef 1846Illinois, United States I1646 Main Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Akes, Susan  Illinois, United States I3425 Main Tree 
2 Burbank, Sophia  Illinois, United States I6728 Main Tree 
3 Estes, Gemina  Aft Illinois, United States I3205 Main Tree 
4 Forgy, Hilary "Hildy"  1866Illinois, United States I2061 Main Tree 
5 Forgy, William A.  Abt 1864Illinois, United States I1878 Main Tree 
6 Frost, James William  Oct 1834Illinois, United States I5031 Main Tree 
7 Gregory, Tabitha  1897Illinois, United States I3174 Main Tree 
8 Phillips, Nancy  Abt 1860Illinois, United States I2090 Main Tree 
9 Pitzer, Frederick  1839Illinois, United States I3423 Main Tree 
10 Rawlins, Angelina  Bef 1846Illinois, United States I7681 Main Tree 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gregory / Braddy  19 Jan 1851Illinois, United States F1501 Main Tree 
2 Gregory / Smith  Between 1862-1917Illinois, United States F1491 Main Tree 
3 Taylor / Rawlins  5 May 1836Illinois, United States F760 Main Tree