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3301 with Wampler, Valentine; age 13; #316; b. IL age 30; #35; b. IL p. 174 Children per 1880 Palo Pinto, TX, census; Shirley Watkins GEDCOM file gives middle initial a s "R". Per "The Dallas Herald", 10 May 1856, Roderick R. Wampler had no guardian in the state . Wampler, Roderick R. T. (I2285)
3302 with Wiley Jones; age 4; b. IA Jones, Arminta C. (I3507)
3303 with Wiley Jones; age 9; b. IA Jones, Samuel (I3506)
3304 witness - John L. Foust Family F718
3305 witness for Jeremiah Pate to daughter Nancy Frost W1-304 son; will of Jeremiah Pate age 51; b.TN; parents b. VA/IREVA/IRE age 61 will of son John Frank Pate with Rep Jones; age 70; father b. VA; mother b. Ireland Pate, John F. (I1537)
3306 Witness; will of Maner, John wife; will of John Alston Mary Clarke was an only child. Clarke, Mary (I1739)
3307 witness: Needham Bryan Family F921
3308 Witnessed Will of Bynum, William Ridley, James Day (I2024)
3309 Wm Mynatt md. Amanda Foust Family F646
3310 yellow fever Pate, Mark E. (I1688)
3311 Zacaraiah Downs was a miller from Scotland. He settled in Rutherford, NC and owned a grist mill there. He was too old to take part in the Rev. War on the battlefield, but he used his gristmill for the soldiers, and served in that capacity, and his descendants are eligible to join the D.A.R. and S.A.R. through both Zacariah and Thomas Downs. Downs, Zacariah (I3365)

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