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England, United Kingdom



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrams, Mr.  <1542>England, United Kingdom I10855 Main Tree 
2 Alford, Margaret  1595England, United Kingdom I12688 Main Tree 
3 Allen, Daniel  England, United Kingdom I1025 Main Tree 
4 Allen, John  Abt 1630England, United Kingdom I405 Main Tree 
5 Allen, Joseph  England, United Kingdom I1160 Main Tree 
6 Allen, Mrs. Rebecca  Bef 1610England, United Kingdom I408 Main Tree 
7 Allen, Walter  1601England, United Kingdom I407 Main Tree 
8 Andson Or Kerley, Bridget  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I2778 Main Tree 
9 Baguley, Mrs. Ralph  Abt 1502England, United Kingdom I10691 Main Tree 
10 Baguley, Philip  1544England, United Kingdom I9506 Main Tree 
11 Bannister, George  Abt 1563England, United Kingdom I10679 Main Tree 
12 Bennett, Mary  1632England, United Kingdom I2033 Main Tree 
13 Bird, William  Abt 1580/1582England, United Kingdom I10562 Main Tree 
14 Blencow, John  <1584>England, United Kingdom I10553 Main Tree 
15 Boreman, Felix  Abt 1598England, United Kingdom I10181 Main Tree 
16 Boreman, Sarah  1617England, United Kingdom I10188 Main Tree 
17 Browning, Joyce   I34 Main Tree 
18 Browning, Muriel   I12900 Main Tree 
19 Browning, Olive   I11261 Main Tree 
20 Bushnell, Ruth  Abt 1612/1613England, United Kingdom I8876 Main Tree 
21 Calthorpe, Anne  Abt 1463England, United Kingdom I11023 Main Tree 
22 Carter, Mr.  Abt 1540England, United Kingdom I8210 Main Tree 
23 Carter, Mrs.  Abt 1543England, United Kingdom I8211 Main Tree 
24 Cathorpe, Brouysia  1562England, United Kingdom I10557 Main Tree 
25 Chadwick, John  1601England, United Kingdom I7277 Main Tree 
26 Chadwick, Thomas  1655England, United Kingdom I8751 Main Tree 
27 Chapman, Robert  Abt 1591England, United Kingdom I8150 Main Tree 
28 Clargennet, Marmaduke  Abt 1508England, United Kingdom I10776 Main Tree 
29 Clark  Abt 1562England, United Kingdom I10128 Main Tree 
30 Clark  Abt 1592England, United Kingdom I7247 Main Tree 
31 Clark, Mrs. Jane  Abt 1562England, United Kingdom I10129 Main Tree 
32 Clement, Job  1599England, United Kingdom I10457 Main Tree 
33 Cole, Mrs. Katheryn  1543England, United Kingdom I12347 Main Tree 
34 Cornell, Thomas  Abt 1699England, United Kingdom I793 Main Tree 
35 Dearebarne, Mrs. Ann  1607England, United Kingdom I12518 Main Tree 
36 Dibble, Mr  Abt 1533England, United Kingdom I10774 Main Tree 
37 Dibble, Mrs  Abt 1534England, United Kingdom I10775 Main Tree 
38 Dimery, Ann  <1669>England, United Kingdom I1269 Main Tree 
39 Doolittle, John  1619England, United Kingdom I10369 Main Tree 
40 Dow, Mr.  Abt 1511England, United Kingdom I8293 Main Tree 
41 Drummer, Mrs.  1575England, United Kingdom I10538 Main Tree 
42 Drury, Robert Knight/ Knight  Abt 1470England, United Kingdom I11022 Main Tree 
43 Duncombe, George  Abt 1564England, United Kingdom I10558 Main Tree 
44 Duncombe, Lettice  1586England, United Kingdom I10241 Main Tree 
45 Eaton, William  Abt 1548England, United Kingdom I12558 Main Tree 
46 Fellows, Mr.  1550England, United Kingdom I9476 Main Tree 
47 Fellows, Mrs.  1550England, United Kingdom I9473 Main Tree 
48 Foster, Abraham  Abt 1622England, United Kingdom I9410 Main Tree 
49 Foster, Samuel Sr./ Sr.  1619/1620England, United Kingdom I7739 Main Tree 
50 Fuller, Mrs. Alice  Abt 1452England, United Kingdom I8048 Main Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bacon, Michael  1569England, United Kingdom I7527 Main Tree 
2 Bancroft, John  England, United Kingdom I10347 Main Tree 
3 Bancroft, Thomas  England, United Kingdom I10647 Main Tree 
4 Bigelow, Mrs. Mary Or Jane  England, United Kingdom I13781 Main Tree 
5 Flegg, Richard  England, United Kingdom I10407 Main Tree 
6 Humble, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I10408 Main Tree 
7 Isott, Isett Or  England, United Kingdom I10571 Main Tree 
8 Marston, Henry  England, United Kingdom I12453 Main Tree 
9 Norton, Thomas  15 Sep 1609England, United Kingdom I8128 Main Tree 
10 Rolfe, Henry  1515England, United Kingdom I7437 Main Tree 
11 Stanley, Timothy  22 Mar 1599England, United Kingdom I7833 Main Tree 
12 Wadleigh, Mrs. Mary  England, United Kingdom I11587 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alling, William  England, United Kingdom I10383 Main Tree 
2 Baguley, Francis  20 Oct 1656England, United Kingdom I9555 Main Tree 
3 Bancroft, Alice  Dec England, United Kingdom I10871 Main Tree 
4 Bird, William  England, United Kingdom I10562 Main Tree 
5 Boreman, Isabel  Dec England, United Kingdom I10762 Main Tree 
6 Burt, Agnes  Aft England, United Kingdom I10579 Main Tree 
7 Burt, Allies (Alice)  Aft England, United Kingdom I10577 Main Tree 
8 Burt, Elizabeth  Aft England, United Kingdom I10582 Main Tree 
9 Butler, Alice  1556/1557England, United Kingdom I12353 Main Tree 
10 Butler, Miss  20 Aug 1555England, United Kingdom I12351 Main Tree 
11 Clements, John  Aft England, United Kingdom I9351 Main Tree 
12 Doolittle, Abraham Mrs  England, United Kingdom I10368 Main Tree 
13 Drury, Robert Knight/ Knight  11 Jan 1537England, United Kingdom I11022 Main Tree 
14 Duncombe, Lettice  Aft England, United Kingdom I10241 Main Tree 
15 Eaton, Rebecca  Abt 10 May 1595England, United Kingdom I12547 Main Tree 
16 Eaton, William  England, United Kingdom I12544 Main Tree 
17 Empson, Sir Richard  England, United Kingdom I7002 Main Tree 
18 Fuller, Alice (Ales)  1642England, United Kingdom I6954 Main Tree 
19 Grant, George  England, United Kingdom I10514 Main Tree 
20 Grant, John  22 Jul 1593England, United Kingdom I10143 Main Tree 
21 Hand, Mrs. William  England, United Kingdom I10630 Main Tree 
22 Hill, Elizabeth  England, United Kingdom I10785 Main Tree 
23 Howlett, Agnes Anne  25 Nov 1567England, United Kingdom I10395 Main Tree 
24 Jane, Molyneux  England, United Kingdom I12305 Main Tree 
25 Jones, Samuel  England, United Kingdom I7020 Main Tree 
26 Lancocke, Susan  10 Sep 1619England, United Kingdom I7829 Main Tree 
27 Lisle, Lord John  1664England, United Kingdom I12159 Main Tree 
28 Marche, Peter  England, United Kingdom I10810 Main Tree 
29 Marston, Thomas  England, United Kingdom I12448 Main Tree 
30 Martyn, Richard  England, United Kingdom I10813 Main Tree 
31 Masterson, Mrs. Joane  Aft 23 Jan 1552/1553England, United Kingdom I7849 Main Tree 
32 Moore, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1612England, United Kingdom I10561 Main Tree 
33 Newcourt, Martje "Mary"  England, United Kingdom I10192 Main Tree 
34 Pynchon, Ann  Aft England, United Kingdom I6876 Main Tree 
35 Pynchon, Anne  Aft England, United Kingdom I9446 Main Tree 
36 Quinell, Henry  England, United Kingdom I8163 Main Tree 
37 Quinell, Henry  England, United Kingdom I8184 Main Tree 
38 Quinell, Henry  England, United Kingdom I8195 Main Tree 
39 Rainsford, Julian  1581England, United Kingdom I10734 Main Tree 
40 Rogers, Rev. John  4 Feb 1555England, United Kingdom I7397 Main Tree 
41 Rowlandson, Mr.  England, United Kingdom I12557 Main Tree 
42 Shortridge, Richard  England, United Kingdom I11849 Main Tree 
43 Turberville, Alice  31 May 1640England, United Kingdom I10207 Main Tree 
44 Wakefield  England, United Kingdom I10387 Main Tree 
45 Waldegrave, Edward  13 Aug 1584England, United Kingdom I10921 Main Tree 
46 Waldegrave, George  8 Jul 1528England, United Kingdom I10916 Main Tree 
47 Wallison, Mary  England, United Kingdom I10554 Main Tree 
48 Warren, John (The Elder)  22 May 1583England, United Kingdom I10396 Main Tree 
49 Watson, Jane  England, United Kingdom I10144 Main Tree 
50 Whittier, John  Aft England, United Kingdom I10772 Main Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anstye, Walter  England, United Kingdom I10726 Main Tree 
2 Bancroft, William  20 May 1611England, United Kingdom I10987 Main Tree 
3 Bigelow, Mrs. Mary Or Jane  17 May 1626England, United Kingdom I13781 Main Tree 
4 Burt, Henry  Sep 1690England, United Kingdom I10282 Main Tree 
5 Clements, Richard  1571England, United Kingdom I9477 Main Tree 
6 Clements, Roger  England, United Kingdom I10741 Main Tree 
7 Doolittle, Abraham Mrs  England, United Kingdom I10368 Main Tree 
8 Flegg, John  16 Feb 1617England, United Kingdom I10117 Main Tree 
9 Gould, Sybil Barber  England, United Kingdom I12147 Main Tree 
10 Griswold, George Henry  England, United Kingdom I10783 Main Tree 
11 Griswold, Lydia Liddia  1637England, United Kingdom I10230 Main Tree 
12 Howlett, Agnes Anne  25 Nov 1567England, United Kingdom I10395 Main Tree 
13 Marche, Elizabeth  May 1619England, United Kingdom I10589 Main Tree 
14 Marston, Henry  England, United Kingdom I12453 Main Tree 
15 Marston, Thomas  England, United Kingdom I12448 Main Tree 
16 Waldegrave, William Knight/ Knight  1554England, United Kingdom I10733 Main Tree 
17 Wardwell, Lascelle  England, United Kingdom I10162 Main Tree 
18 Warren, Daniel  1715England, United Kingdom I7337 Main Tree 
19 Warren, John (The Elder)  22 May 1585England, United Kingdom I10396 Main Tree 
20 Woodward, Hugh  England, United Kingdom I10848 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Allen  WFT Est 1638-1668England, United Kingdom F214 Main Tree 
2 Baguley / Baguley  Abt 1517England, United Kingdom F4461 Main Tree 
3 Belcher / Fisher  11 Mar 1598England, United Kingdom F3706 Main Tree 
4 Belford / Belford  Abt 1507England, United Kingdom F4657 Main Tree 
5 Bird / Woodhall  Abt 1605/1610England, United Kingdom F4347 Main Tree 
6 Blackwell / Blackwell (Mnu)  Bef 1609England, United Kingdom F4218 Main Tree 
7 Burt / Birt Or Burt  Abt 1563England, United Kingdom F4688 Main Tree 
8 Bushnell / Bushnell  Abt 1491England, United Kingdom F3715 Main Tree 
9 Bushnell / Bushnell  Abt 1575England, United Kingdom F3695 Main Tree 
10 Butter (Butler) / Butler  England, United Kingdom F5003 Main Tree 
11 Carter / Carter  Abt 1564England, United Kingdom F3710 Main Tree 
12 Chalke / Fiske  Abt 1605England, United Kingdom F4483 Main Tree 
13 Chambers (Chambre) / Calcott  Abt 1565England, United Kingdom F3040 Main Tree 
14 Clements / Drummer  1614England, United Kingdom F1266 Main Tree 
15 Cole / Cole  1563England, United Kingdom F3736 Main Tree 
16 Drury / Calthorpe  Abt 1483England, United Kingdom F4727 Main Tree 
17 Eaton / Dada  Abt 1513England, United Kingdom F5081 Main Tree 
18 Eaton / Graves  Abt 1634/1635England, United Kingdom F5086 Main Tree 
19 Eaton / Patterson  Abt 1618England, United Kingdom F4872 Main Tree 
20 Fellows / Fellows  England, United Kingdom F1288 Main Tree 
21 Flegg(Flagg) / Allen  25 Sep 1597England, United Kingdom F4259 Main Tree 
22 FOULSHAM / Crane  Abt 1605England, United Kingdom F3246 Main Tree 
23 Fowler / Fowler  Abt 1564England, United Kingdom F5126 Main Tree 
24 Grant / Power  15 May 1585England, United Kingdom F4661 Main Tree 
25 Griffin / Kingsman  England, United Kingdom F4503 Main Tree 
26 Griswold / Griswold  1594England, United Kingdom F4317 Main Tree 
27 Griswold / Griswold  Abt 1616England, United Kingdom F4541 Main Tree 
28 Harris / Smythe  1570England, United Kingdom F4495 Main Tree 
29 Harris / Waldegrave  1550England, United Kingdom F4268 Main Tree 
30 Hill / Hill  Bef 1535England, United Kingdom F3975 Main Tree 
31 Hoskin / Fyler  1620/1630England, United Kingdom F4310 Main Tree 
32 Linsley / Dayton  1636England, United Kingdom F3291 Main Tree 
33 Lisle / Lisle  Abt 1645England, United Kingdom F4885 Main Tree 
34 Merrill / Wilterton  16 Mar 1635England, United Kingdom F2706 Main Tree 
35 Newport / Newport  Abt 1505England, United Kingdom F2936 Main Tree 
36 Norman / Alford  2 Sep 1615England, United Kingdom F5103 Main Tree 
37 Offley / Moore  Abt 1617England, United Kingdom F538 Main Tree 
38 Parks / Allen  England, United Kingdom F4459 Main Tree 
39 Pope / Brockett  Bef 15 Oct 1573England, United Kingdom F4679 Main Tree 
40 Quinell / Quinell  Abt 1528England, United Kingdom F3714 Main Tree 
41 Risley / Scrunshire  Abt 1570England, United Kingdom F2959 Main Tree 
42 Rolfe / Butler  Bef 1550England, United Kingdom F3261 Main Tree 
43 Shortridge / Southcott  Abt 1630England, United Kingdom F4940 Main Tree 
44 Tillotson / Smith  26 Jul 1753England, United Kingdom F5422 Main Tree 
45 Waite / Wardwell  1593England, United Kingdom F4500 Main Tree 
46 Wardwell / Lascelle  Abt 1590England, United Kingdom F4282 Main Tree 
47 Wardwell / Wardwell  Bef 1604England, United Kingdom F3126 Main Tree 
48 Warren / Warren  <1604>England, United Kingdom F3149 Main Tree 
49 Warren / Warren  WFT Est 1516-1538England, United Kingdom F4465 Main Tree 
50 Welles Or Wells / Belcher  1619England, United Kingdom F3686 Main Tree 

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